2014 Iowa Series Results

Here are your IMBCS points winners for all categories with a qualifying winner. Buy ’em a beer (or soda) next time you see ’em!

The complete series points are available on the 2014 Series Information page.

Cat 1 Women

Elizabeth Martin

Cat 1 Men 19–29

Tyler Fort

Cat 1 Men 30–39

Nathan Kulborn

Cat 1 Men 40–49

Kevin Betters


Michael Maney

Cat 2 Women

Leanne Buell

Cat 2 Men 19–29

Dane Miller

Cat 2 Men 30–39

Andy Peterson

Cat 2 Men 40–49

Derek Brewer

Cat 2 Men 50+

Bruce Brown

Cat 3 Women

Kari Andersen

Cat 3 Men

Daryl Blanshan

Junior Boys

Awelu Abdalla