IMBCS #3 Rescheduled for June 14th at Seven Oaks!

The soup is just too thick to hold a viable race this Sunday at Seven Oaks…


There were two factors being fought to get this one together. One, some trail damage from a prior event had left trouble spots that just could not be addressed in time for this Sunday. Two, the amount of rain in the past week has left things simply too soggy to be able to dry out in time even for a shortened upper loop course to be considered. There have been more bouts of heavy rain falling today at Boone which has pushed everything over the edge.

The landowner at Seven Oaks as well as trail steward Adam Brooks, and race director Derek Brewer have decided to cancel Sunday’s event and rescheduled the race for Sunday, June 14th. Online Registration will now be extended for 2 weeks to allow for that date change. The electronic race timing company has confirmed they are available to be at the race on June 14th. So in the course of this morning with phone calls, site visits, new rain, and obvious concerns – all of the pieces are now in place so the trail can be ready for the event to take place on June 14th.

We apologize for those who had plans to camp and attend the race this weekend, but we do hope that everyone adjusts their schedules and can now attend on Sunday, June 14th.

Look for an announcement to help with trail work at Seven Oaks on Facebook. Adam and Derek will organize that and it would be greatly appreciated if you have the time, tools, and ability to pitch in and help them get the beloved Seven Oaks trails back into shape.

Seven Oaks Race Postponed to June 14

Official word from Seven Oaks race director, Derek Brewer:

Sorry all to have to postpone. The trail coordinator for Seven Oaks has closed the trails due to all the rain we have received.


We will plan to use the June 14 date, same start times. We will get the registration system opened up again so you will have about two more weeks to pre-register! Thanks for your understanding. We want to have a better course and conditions in two weeks.


Keep checking the IMBCS website for additional information on the race.


Check the Seven Oaks MTB Facebook group for updates on the trails and how you can help out. The trails may be opened possibly next week. While some areas may be closed, when it is good to ride, tires on it will help.

IMBCS Race Director Spotlight: Derek Brewer

We’ve got am exciting IMBCS scheduled race for this weekend!

Free Saturday Night Camping at Seven Oaks. Thrills. Hills. Spills. New Berms. Electronic Chip Timing.  Food Truck. Local Sponsors. Sunny. 70 degrees forecast for race day. Hammer Nutrition Sponsored Marathon Race Category. Prizes. Equal Cash Payouts for top overall spots in CAT I Men and Women. New Race Director who has been working super hard since last Fall to get this event ready.

Talk about a recipe for a perfect weekend of racing!!!

Load up the cars/SUVs/vans/18 wheelers and drive the 49 miles from downtown Des Moines, 118 miles from downtown Cedar Rapids, 141 miles from Iowa City, 160 miles from Omaha, 200 miles from Quad Cities, 133 miles from Gravity, Iowa or wherever it is you park your mountain bike overnight!!! Boone is about as central in Iowa as it gets (30 miles to the west from the geographical center point of Iowa). Seven Oaks Recreation is one of Iowa’s ski areas, so there are indeed hills. Yes, tell all your relatives and friends that live in other states that we do actually have skiing and mountain biking in Iowa!

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IMBCS Weather Policy Reminder…

A reminder that the IMBCS weather policy can be found HERE.

That being said, the race is always considered on until an official announcement is made that it isn’t. Options for race day include course alteration for a safe venue, a weather delay if needed, or in the event of conditions being too gnarly and unsafe – it could lead to a full blown postponement to the alternate date.

We do have a race scheduled for this Sunday, May 31st at Seven Oaks in Boone, Iowa. The final determinations will be made this weekend (Saturday evening or even on Sunday morning) whether or not a course will be satisfactory for the event to take place as scheduled. Until then, plan on the race taking place and avoid speculation that what you may have seen or experienced an entire 7 or 8 days before the event (or even less) means that an event is going to be canceled.

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Gender Equality Arrives at IMBCS!!!

IMBCS News Update: The top 3 Women will now receive equal cash payouts in CAT I Women Overall as the top 3 in CAT I Men Overall receive. Thank you for the excellent discussion from IMBCS Advisory Board Members, Race Directors, input from racers, and everyone’s understanding with regard to the issue of moving IMBCS forward by removing the inherently gender discriminatory past of the cash payout schedule for CAT I racers.

The full details, amounts, and payout schedule will be updated in the rules next week after I run a few calculations.

Beverly Park weather issues and IMBCS Rules/Guidelines…


Photo Courtesy of Eric Roccasecca

I applaud Noel Kehrt, LAMBA, all of the volunteers and the decisions that were made (yes, they are tough decisions when it comes to a sudden storm that shows up, but the rules and guidelines were followed). Those that waited out the 2 hour delay were treated to excellent tacky XC racing conditions that were perfect for racing. Somewhere around 105 raced today, and I’m sure we lost quite a few who were either not aware of the 2 hour delay, or made a choice not to stay.

The Kids Race at 9:30 lined up with a good looking group of youngsters…


Photo Courtesy of Eric Roccasecca

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Beverly Fat Tire Frenzy – No Weather Worries

From Noel Kehrt, Beverly Race Director, May 1, 2015:

“Took the day off today to get some things done for the Beverly Fat Tire Frenzy on Sunday. If anyone is worried at all about the weather, don’t be. If it rained an inch tomorrow we’d still be good to go.

I’m really looking forward to the kids and juniors race, let’s get out there and cheer them on!

As it stands right now, if we get no rain, the trail is very very fast. Be prepared for that. Above all, be safe out there. Keep it under control. We have a lot of berms.  If you take a berm high going too fast you’re going airborne. 

We’ll be out there tomorrow marking the course. Preside to your heart’s content.

Tomorrow night join us at Another Road Brewery for preregistration.