Ewing Park Solstice Slam: Two Hour Rain Delay

After Thursday and Friday’s rains, the Solstice Slam is still scheduled for Sunday, September 20 at Ewing Park, but all races will be delayed two hours.

The crew is assembling at 4:30 p.m. today (Saturday) for final mowing and course marking. They will be inspecting the course at that time and if additional announcements need to be made, look for them after that hour here on IMBCS.org and in our Facebook group.

Until then, plan on a two hour delay for sure.

You Can Be a Part of Awesome Trails

Do you know where awesome trails come from? We did a feature on it. They come from you!

And there are two opportunities for you to contribute this weekend…

Lake Ahquabi Trail Work
10:00 a.m.–12:00 noon

Meet at the Beach House Shelter at 10 am. All we need to do is rake and clear the remaining debris on the main loop, as well as some trimming. Bring a leaf rake and a pair of gloves. Bring your bike to ride afterwards.

Ewing Workday
1:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m.

Doing course prep for the up-coming solstice slam race. We will be trimming, (some) mowing and improving some trouble spots. It shouldn’t be a hard day. Come out after racing at Banner on Saturday or after the Ahquabi work day Sun morning. We don’t like to over-schedule but the rain and condensed race schedule has us cramming 10 pounds of stuff in a 5 pound bag.

IMBCS Trail GNOME Awards

Announcing the IMBCS Unsung Hero Gnome Award!

I’m a trained professional singer. I’m used to singing a tune. Now it is time for me to sing a loud boisterous song for those that are out there getting the trails ready for IMBCS to race on for our events. If you know of somebody you would like to suggest, please submit your choice to me via email on who you think in your local area is an Unsung Hero Trail Gnome.

Do you have a Randy Aldridge, a Brian Pottorff, a Brian Sheesley, an Adam Brooks, etc… a major trail GNOME in your area that you would like to nominate? Nominations will be accepted and awards from IMBCS announced and presented at the end of the season. It doesn’t matter if the Gnome is a member of LAMBA, CITA, CVAST, FORC, ICORR or not a member of any local trail organization. Send me your nominations and a brief explanation of why you think they have earned their HERO status.

As an example, Randy Aldridge rolled up to my front door to drop off a piece of equipment this evening in the dark around 8 PM after he had just spent his entire post-work Friday evening blowing leaves off of the trail at Summerset State Park.


To help prepare it for Saturday’s race so all the racer types could enjoy clear, obstruction free singletrack. These are the type of folks that all racers in the IMBCS need to slap on the back, thank, and recognize for their hard work and efforts. IMBCS is stepping up to recognize these folks. Send me your nominations.

Mid-Season Series Report…

Greetings to all IMBCS participants, volunteers, race directors, sponsors, advisory board members, potential racers, and invited guests!

I wanted to provide some thoughts after the mid-season point with regard to how things have been going here in Iowa for mountain bike racing.

In addition, I wanted to thank everyone who has been able to come out and enjoy one of our events up to this point in the season. We all owe our thanks to each individual race director, their volunteer crews, the trail organizations, and all of the trail work gnomes for providing us the opportunity to race our mountain bikes on the trails here in Iowa.

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