2015 IMBCS Trail Gnome Awards…

IMBCS is proud to announce the 2015 IMBCS Trail Gnome Awards!

Thanks to all who emailed, messaged, or contacted me with their particular choice to receive one of our trail gnome awards and a written explanation why they should receive it. There are many who are deserving of this award year in and year out throughout our state. This is the first year that IMBCS is recognizing a select group of gnomes. We raise a toast to everyone who dedicated some of their volunteer hours and time to work on our trails in Iowa – award winner or not. None of us would be able to ride our bikes on singletrack without the work everyone puts in to build and maintain our dirt. If you are not a member of your local trail organization, please consider joining, donating money, volunteering to help, and being a part of the other side of the mountain biking experience.


Central Iowa Gnomes hard at work at Summerset State Park

We all know that Snow White had 7 Dwarfs. IMBCS was fortunate to have more Gnomes than Snow White had Dwarfs, but we did manage to narrow down the list and focus in on the Lucky Seven Gnomes that helped make it happen for 2015. When I put out the call for nominations earlier this year, the following seven were all nominated by Race Directors and Trail Organizations for their work that was recognized as going above and beyond during 2015 to help make our Iowa Mountain Bike Championship Series race courses ready for action on race day.

Each Gnome will be receiving a special gift from IBMCS, and each Trail Organization that they are associated with will be receiving a $50 financial gift per winner from IMBCS on behalf of their respective Lucky Seven Gnome Award Winner. Please join me in thanking the following recipients. Raise a toast to them for the work they did on our trails during 2015.

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