Attention, there is a series points change.

We will be making the Sugarbottom race(s) non-points paying so that we can award 2019 IMBCS Series Overall Winners at the Whiterock race this weekend. The minimum needed races to qualify will be reduced to reflect this, once the points are updated Michael Maney will post a link so you can see where you stand.

There are several racers that can qualify for a series prize if they race Saturday. Don’t pass up the potential of free entry to the 2020 season, get out to Whiterock and claim that card!

I want to give a big shoutout to Mike Frasier for his work on the Sugarbottom races and working with IMBCS to make this happen. When the reschedule happens lets all show up and have a great time at Sugarbottom!

Whiterock Shred Fest and IMBCS State Championship race is this Saturday!

Come out to Whiterock and prove your the best XC racer in Iowa!

Free camping courtesy of Whiterock Friday night (23rd). On Saturday we race,
Juniors/CAT3/FatBikes are racing on Big Dipper. All other CATs will take to the full loop for up to 4 hours of dirty fun.
After the race get ready for food provided by Cyd’s Catering and beer from Firetrucker Brewery, rumor has it Dan might be there racing his fatbike!
Get registered here: USAC Online Registration
The first 50 online registrants will receive a vintage
Rasmussen’s Bike Shop water bottle!