August Quartet of Races concludes this weekend!

We’ve got another exciting IMBCS scheduled race for this weekend to conclude our Quartet of August Races!

This weekend’s race takes place on another perennial favorite here in Iowa – Seven Oaks. IMBCS history is filled with racing at this venue and has drawn racers from all over the region.

Third time’s a charm – or so the US version of the proverb says. Other versions: One is sure to succeed at a task or event on the third try. Or….The third time you try to do something, it will work. And then there is even the Shakespeare version in The Merry Wives of Windsor that says: “….this is the third time; I hope good luck lies in odd numbers….”

Okay, I think you catch my drift. Race Director Derek Brewer (highlighted in this May Spotlight Interview) has been through the gamut getting the Seven Oaks MTB Race event ready, up and running. Ma Nature, Gladiators and trail damage all led to not one, but two prior postponements. Originally scheduled for May 31st as our third IMBCS race of the season, it was postponed to June 14th when rain struck again, and finally rescheduled for this Sunday, August 30th. Talk about throwing a lot at a rookie race director!

Good News: The forecast looks like Saturday and Sunday will both be rain free which should allow any Thursday or Friday rain showers to soak in and dry out just in time for Sunday’s race. PERRRRRRRRRRRFECT! 

In addition to our traditional XC race categories, this one also includes our Marathon Category Race for the dirt junkies who like to go long. Seven Oaks is the former home of 24 Hour mountain bike races, so it’s a perfect place filled with a history of going long.


Photograph Courtesy of Eric Roccasecca

Race Details HERE.

9:30 am – CAT III & Juniors

11:00 am – Marathon

1:00 pm – CAT II/COMP/CAT I

Saturday Night Camping at Seven Oaks. Thrills. Hills. Spills. New Berms. Electronic Chip Timing.  Food Truck. Local Sponsors. Sunny. 80 degrees forecast for race day. Hammer Nutrition Sponsored Marathon Race Category. Prizes. Equal Cash Payouts for top overall spots in CAT I Men and Women. Race Director and trail wizzard Adam Brooks have both been working super hard to get this event ready.

Talk about a recipe for a perfect weekend of racing to round out our August Quartet!

Center Trails and Sugar Bottom helped build up your tolerance for climbing some hills, so you are all primed and ready for Seven Oaks!


Photograph Courtesy of Eric Roccasecca

Load up the cars/SUVs/vans/18 wheelers and drive the 49 miles from downtown Des Moines, 118 miles from downtown Cedar Rapids, 141 miles from Iowa City, 160 miles from Omaha, 200 miles from Quad Cities, 133 miles from Gravity, Iowa or wherever it is you park your mountain bike overnight!!! Boone is about as central in Iowa as it gets (30 miles to the west from the geographical center point of Iowa). Seven Oaks Recreation is one of Iowa’s ski areas, so there are indeed hills. Yes, tell all your relatives and friends that live in other states that we do actually have skiing and mountain biking in Iowa!

Come on out and support Central Iowa’s premiere mountain biking trail at Seven Oaks. You will not be disappointed.

Third time’s the charm….