Beverly Part Fat Tire Frenzy Marathon Race Clarifcation…

Here I am on a RailJet train going through the Czech Republic posting this using my CallYa travel package on my iPhone as a Personal Hotspot. So with my iPhone pointed at the nearest cell tower, here goes…

Beverly Park Fat Tire Frenzy format for the Marathon Category.

Call it the Dirty Forty, the Oh Lordy, look who’s doing 40!, the Fat Tire Frenzy Forty – or whatever you want to call it. Race Director Noel Kehrt has devised an endurance event for the marathoner racers that is much like other destination endurance race events where you complete the distance and your finish time alone determines your placing. Much like well known races such as the Chequamegon 40, Dakota Five-0 or other events with a specified set distance in miles, the Beverly Park Fat Tire Frenzy Marathon Race will be 40 miles (8 laps). The first one across the line at the end of their 8th lap wins based on their time – whether that means it is less than or more than 4 hours. Just like other endurance races, failure to complete the 8 laps results in a Did Not Finish result. 40 miles, 8 laps, fastest time wins. This is a slight difference from how things are listed in the marathon category in the Rules and Guidelines for the 2015 season, but that is okay. 

Hopefully that helps answer any questions one might have with regard to this particular race, and the difference between it and the rules/guidelines section that mention marathon races include …as long as you start any lap before the clock turns 4 hours, the final lap will also count. Keep in mind that the Marathon Category is a new adventure this year for IMBCS and I, along with your IMBCS Advisory Board, am happy to give race directors latitude to figure out a way to devise the best format that works for them to host an endurance event, time an endurance event, and figure out a way to make it run consecutively with the more traditional length XC races on the same course. Noel has figured out his way and I encourage everyone to support him and the race that LAMBA has for us on May 3rd.

Thanks Noel and LAMBA for devising a format that you can time and conduct in our first year of adding some endurance events to the IMBCS schedule. The variety for racers and challenge is welcomed by all.

If one feels they cannot complete the 40 mile race, they should consider racing in one of the more traditional XC races at Beverly Park (Cat I, COMP, Cat II, Cat III, or Junior categories) as distances will be shorter in mileage and duration than the Marathon 40.