Race Nutrition

Race Nutrition – article by Liz Van Houweling

Mountain bike races can vary greatly in length depending on the category and type. Marathon races typically last 3-5 hours while cross country races are only 1-2 hours. No matter the duration, proper fueling is key for meeting race demands.

For all race distances, a good meal that is a mix of carbohydrates and protein with a little bit of fat about 3 hours prior to the start is usually sufficient. Another 100-300 calorie snack about an hour before the race could also be necessary. Entering races hydrated is also important and this process should be started the night prior to the race.

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What to expect at your First Mountain Bike Race – by Liz Van Houweling

IMBCS racing begins in 3 weeks!

This is our first article from Zoom Performance Level 1 Coach Liz Van Houweling. Zoom Performance has partnered with IMBCS for 2016 by becoming one of our sponsors for the series.


What to Expect at Your First Mountain Bike Race

Toeing the start line for your first mountain bike race can be rather intimidating! I came from racing criteriums for 5 years and was still fearful about the idea of RACING mountain bikes. To outsiders, the thought of going as fast as you can while weaving in and out of trees, bombing down bumpy descents, and maneuvering around other riders can be frightening. I promise that it is not really as scary as it sounds!

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Where Awesome Trails Come From

Photo Credit: Joe Petersen. Work Credit: Cheryl Dralle, Andy Peterson, Tara Starr, Bruce Brown, et al. Location: Center Trails, Des Moines, Iowa.

No one to build and maintain trails would mean no trails. And no trails would mean nowhere to ride for fun and no races!

So let’s give a a big shoutout to all those who have done and will do the necessary work on our trails, both locally and across the state(s). Let’s also make a resolution to go to the next trail work day or even contribute to trimming and other maintenance on our own as our schedules allow.

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