Does IMBCS Pay Dirt?

IMBCS Prior History has included years that used a bonus point system for doing volunteer trail work (Pay Dirt is a common term used in MTB series that provide this and is a system that began in the 90’s borrowed from motorcycle enduro racing). There are pros and cons of such a system. There is and can be initial resistance to such a system. Some racers refuse to participate because of it. Some racers embrace it.

The number of trail work days and level of participation data would be interesting to hear from CITA, LAMBA, CVAST, ICORR, FORC for the years when a “Pay Dirt” program was in place compared to years when it was not in place for IMBCS. Based on the Trail Gnome nominations, and my own experience doing trail work here in Central Iowa – I do know that a lot of the same people are doing the lion’s share of the trail work and are getting exhausted.

I also know that quality work done with the land owner/manager’s approval can build excellent relationships which leads to races being able to be held at those venues. Membership drives for our trail organizations are underway and before the IBMCS Advisory Board assembles and meets to discuss 2016 – I ask that racers become educated about it and launch into a discussion right here.

I will offer up a few links for your reading.