Heads Up Heat Advisory: Start Time Changes for Saturday!!!

Heads Up Heat Advisory: IMBCS is concerned about the heat index on Saturday for the Ingawanis Woodland Shredfest and the reality that none of us are acclimated to August like heat as of yet. We will be acclimated to it by August, of course, but with only one day to adjust to the heat and high humidity we won’t be ready on Saturday. Hence, the start time adjustment to keep it safe for everyone.

Updated start times will be utilized as we try and make sure we don’t have racers out on course between 1–3 pm. We will adjust the Cat 2 (move them up to 9:08 am with Cat 3 right after them at 9:15 am), Comp (move them up to 11:05 am), and Cat 1 (move them up to 11:00 am) start times. Trail Run and Marathon remain the same as advertised.

This still keeps our staggered starts, but will result in all the racing being done before the temperatures rise up into the 90s. We wanted people to start thinking about it ASAP for travel plans.