IMBCS # 4 Solistice Slam at Ewing Park Reschedule Announcement..

Ma Nature is dumping pails of rain on us this year (yes, it is one of those years). As we experienced with Seven Oaks, this is causing the usual havoc for most of our dirt venues leading to courses not being ready to ride come race day.

I just got off the phone with our Race Director – Nathan Cline – for the Summer Solstice that was scheduled for this coming Sunday, June 21st. Due to the amount of rain the Des Moines area has received, we are making the call today to cancel this Sunday’s race and reschedule to to a weekend in September. The TBA weekend for the reschedule is September 19-20 (yes, we are aware of the destination event known as Chequamegon takes place on that weekend and many Iowa racers may be in Wisconsin that weekend). However, choosing a date that was available for Nathan, Team Sakari and one that allows enough time to get the trails ready to ride at the Ewing Park system is what led to this initial TBA September 19/20 reschedule.

In any event, no racing this Sunday at Ewing Park for the Solstice Slam. Sorry about that, but some years Ma Nature dictates to us when and where we can race – no matter how well we have planned things in advance.