IMBCS events will be USA Cycling Sanctioned in 2016

IMBCS Racing is excited to announce some new things for the 2016 Season.

The first announcement we would like to make is that during the Annual Advisory Board Meeting on January 23rd at the Iowa Bike Expo, we had a presentation from USA Cycling about all of the new changes they have made in their handling of mountain bike events. The USA Cycling organization listened to criticisms from recent years and have bent over backwards to address all of those issues. One day license costs, permitting fees, insurance costs, etc…have all been addressed for the better. The new CEO at USA Cycling, Derek Bouchard-Hall, has taken these new steps and is creating an exciting culture for cycling in the US with his enthusiasm.

After listening to the presentation, asking questions, and having an excellent discussion about it – the IMBCS Advisory Board made the decision to give sanctioning all of our races a try for 2016 provided we had the support from all of our Race Directors. The response from all of the race directors was that everyone was willing to give it a try this year to have our entire season USA Cycling sanctioned. Keep in mind that previous years we have had 40-60% of our races USA Cycling sanctioned.


What does this mean for you as a racer?

•Online registration for all eleven of our scheduled events in 2016 will now take place in the same convenient location – the USA Cycling Event website. It is a convenient, easy to use, website. Once each of our race directors builds their respective registration page, we will have links to all of the registrations available on this website, at,, Yahoo Groups, Facebook event pages. In other words, you won’t have trouble finding your way to registration. You will also be able to use the USA Cycling Event Search page to find our events.

•USA Cycling now has event insurance that our race directors will be purchasing. This means that in the event of bad weather canceling an event, you will get a full refund of your pre-registered online entry fee. In addition, the race promoter will also be covered and not lose any entry or expenses money if a race gets canceled due to the insurance product they will be able to purchase. That premium will be worth it and put everyone at ease!  It’s a win – win for all. You can now pre-register for an event and not have to worry about getting your entry fee money back if Ma Nature plays games with us!!!

•We will be having a USA Cycling Iowa State Championship Race again this year! The race will be on the 4th of July weekend at the White Rock Conservancy Race. Reminder: You must have an annual USA Cycling License to qualify for one of the state championship podium spots!

•Racers who own an annual USA Cycling License and podium in our events will qualify for the USA Cycling Nationals!

•A USAC Annual License is recommended ($70 for ADULT, $35 for JUNIOR), but not needed for COMP, CAT II, CAT III, JUNIOR as one day licenses will be available for purchase (and in most cases we will mitigate that $10 cost down to $5). CAT I will require an annual license, however a CAT I is allowed to purchase a 1 day license for their first event ($25), and will have the option to apply that fee to an annual if they decide to race again later in the season. This includes former CAT I racers who have not raced in a season or two and is interested in giving it a try again without having to commit to the full annual license. The good news about an annual license for any category is that it covers the other racing disciplines that many racers participate in here in Iowa – Road Racing & Cyclocross. Again, it is not needed if you only plan on doing a few races for the lower categories. The price drop from the previous $15 one day license fee to $10 – with our ability to get it down to $5 as we work with USAC and the Race Directors – will help out those who just want to give a few races a try. You can buy or renew your very own USA Cycling Annual License right HERE.

•USA Cycling Officials will be officiating at each of our events. This adds the benefit of a standardization in our events that they are conducted fairly, results are accurate, and rules are followed.

•USA Cycling Annual License holders receive these membership benefits.


What we need to help make all of this work and keep costs down?

IBRA (Iowa Bicycle Racing Association) is hosting a clinic to train those of us who are interested in becoming a USA Cycling Official. It will be held on April 9th in West Des Moines and the cost to attend is FREE! I am asking for a pool of people to please sign up for the clinic to become an official. If we have a large enough pool of trained officials, we can take turns of who officiates at our events as a way to give back to Iowa Bicycle Racing! Even if each of us only ends up officiating one event, that’s fine. We need a pool of trained people to facilitate this and keep everyone’s costs down when it comes to hiring officials for our events.


Please consider signing up right HERE. Every race promoter should consider sending somebody from their volunteer base, trail organization, or cycling team to this clinic. If you are a racer, consider taking the clinic and volunteer to be an official at one of our events (you can race all the rest of them – not to worry). I have signed up myself and will be taking the clinic on April 9th.

If you are an IMBCS related racer, or come to this clinic on behalf of one of our IMBCS events (sent by your race director), I will personally treat all of you to beers at the end of the clinic on April 9th!