IMBCS Special Endurance Event: Sugar Cubed Marathon

Next up for IMBCS is coming next weekend on Sunday, May 22nd! It’s our special separate endurance marathon race at Sugar Bottom entitled Sugar Cubed. The race is also a part of our 2016 Five Race Marathon Series. Due to the reschedule of Beverly Fat Tire Frenzy to June 19th, Sugar Cubed will serve as our Marathon season opener.

Sugar Cubed provides an opportunity for everyone to give the marathon format a try as the regular XC races at Sugar Bottom will be a separate event in August. This allows everyone to give both a try! On top of that, you will pretty much get to see the entire Sugar Bottom Trail System during Sugar Cubed and ride it in the reverse direction of what is considered normal. Hey, that means you get to ride down Cyclocross Hill!!!! A full lap will measure 12 miles, so make sure to read the race nutrition article from our sponsor Zoom Performance written by one of Zoom’s coaches, Liz Van Houweling.

I encourage everyone to come on out and give the marathon format a try. Race Director Mike Frasier along with ICORR and Goosetown Racing Club have put together what is sure to be a pretty special event. I’ve been talking to Mike about this for at least 3 years, and it is nice to finally see it come to fruition.


Be sure to thank Mike, ICORR, Goosetown, and all of the volunteers next Sunday for giving us this race. They’ve worked hard to create it.

The format will be a 4 hour race and you are scored on the number of laps you complete. You are allowed to complete your last lap as long as the clock still reads under 4 hours at the start of that lap. As with all of our marathon races, there is a one lap minimum required to score points for series participants. Do one at your own pace if that’s all you have in the tank and enjoy riding every trail at Sugar Bottom backwards. Do two if that’s what you can handle and congratulate yourself on logging in 24 miles of Sugar. Challenge yourself to get in 3 (a full 36 miles of singletrack!!!). Or for the men and women who are trained to go long, and fast – it will be exiting to see who can serve up 4 or more laps within the time frame of this format.

Come and get some Sugar Cubed next weekend!!!