IMBCS Survey Results and 2016 IMBCS Advisory Board Members Announcement…

I asked everyone near the end of October interested to participate in a ten question survey to respond to a variety of ideas discussed and introduced to me throughout the year. The IMBCS Advisory Board once again is preparing to discuss various topics moving forward with the 2016 season and beyond. I would like to emphasize the word beyond. Change and improvement require incremental steps, time, funding, and patience. Like last year, many of the questions asked in this year’s survey were with the beyond in mind.

That being said, thanks to one and all who took the time to participate in the survey and provide comments. There have been 56 responses recorded to date. Each member of the Advisory Board will now have the chance to see the results, and we will be meeting before the end of the year to put our creative heads together as we discuss and consider steps for next season and beyond.

I have also been in direct communication with our 2016 race directors for their comments, concerns, ideas, and thoughts. I have been working with Paul Jensen from IBRA to get the most conflict free 2016 schedule with other race disciplines and events in our state. In addition, we have done our best to avoid conflicts with most of the popular destination events that Iowans seem to participate in (Almanzo 100, Dakota Five-0, both Chequamegons, Cayuna 50, and RAGBRAI).

The results of the survey are available online at Survey Monkey for those who are interested.

We have an exciting line up of 10 XC races and 5 Marathon races ready to announce. The 2016 season rotates into the schedule two new venues for 2016 while three venues from the 2015 season rotate out as part of an effort to keep a 20-30% venue rotation each season. I just got off of the phone planning details with White Rock and I think it is safe to say everyone can start looking forward to the big 4th of July IMBCS weekend event at White Rock Conservancy featuring weekend racing, a hog roast, and live music as we all enjoy their new trails (even more will have been completed by July). The return of the Ingawanis Woodland to our schedule provides the opportunity for new race director Dave Roll to treat us all by welcoming us back to a venue that we haven’t raced on since the 2012 and 2013 seasons.

The addition of Sugar Bottom’s separate Marathon Race in the Spring will complete one of my goals of working up to 5 Marathon events as a series race category. It took a few years to develop, but finally arrives in earnest for the 2016 season! Look for other additions and announcements as we move forward – including the addition of a trail run series in 2016. All in all, we are building on the past as we move into the future by providing Iowans with a greater variety of opportunity to race on dirt.

In addition to an exciting 2016 schedule, we have a new and broader group of IMBCS Advisory Board Members to announce including the return of Cam Kirkpatrick who will join me as IMBCS Co-Director for 2016. Cam previously directed the IMBCS for a number of years until his work related move to Chicago led to Cam passing the torch on to me before the start of the 2014 season. We welcome Cam and Julie back to Iowa as well as having them both back involved with IMBCS. I am looking forward to working with Cam as Co-Director where we both felt we could combine our experience to continue the growth of mountain bike racing here in Iowa for IMBCS.

2016 Board Members

2016 Co-Directors: Bruce Brown & Cam Kirkpatrick
2016 Advisory Board: Julie Kirkpatrick, Rob Cook, Karmen Woelber, Nicholas Eckermann, Andy Peterson, Mike Frasier, Andre Rethman, Michelle Barker, Ron Cooney, Cheryl Dralle, Rose Ayers, Kevin Betters, Katherine Roccasecca, Tom Anderson
Series Points Coordinator: Rob Cook
Website Coordinators: Katherine Roccasecca & Eric Roccasecca