IMBCS Weather Policy Reminder…

A reminder that the IMBCS weather policy can be found HERE.

That being said, the race is always considered on until an official announcement is made that it isn’t. Options for race day include course alteration for a safe venue, a weather delay if needed, or in the event of conditions being too gnarly and unsafe – it could lead to a full blown postponement to the alternate date.

We do have a race scheduled for this Sunday, May 31st at Seven Oaks in Boone, Iowa. The final determinations will be made this weekend (Saturday evening or even on Sunday morning) whether or not a course will be satisfactory for the event to take place as scheduled. Until then, plan on the race taking place and avoid speculation that what you may have seen or experienced an entire 7 or 8 days before the event (or even less) means that an event is going to be canceled.

Most of the trails in Iowa have a very high concentration of clay in the soil which can easily be “sculpted” back into shape if things get really messy and pockmarked. No need to point out that the amount of rain that has been received from Texas all the way up to Iowa currently has the water level below the ground a good 1 – 2 foot below the surface making it the opposite of those loose and dry years that are considered to be a drought. I drove to Norman, OK and back this weekend. After sitting through 7 tornadoes in the heart of tornado alley one night while we were there, experiencing the torrential rains, seeing the massive flooding as well as seeing all of the flooding and rain throughout Kansas that led us all the way back to Missouri and Iowa – this is indeed one of those years. 

Back to Iowa. Sometimes, a simple dozen pairs of tires riding a lap on what looks to be a rutty, walked on and pockmarked course while it is tacky seems to sort it all out by actually sculpting that clay soil right back into shape. It appears that Seven Oaks is in need of such a scenario following an event (Gladiator) that took place on it while it was in muddy condition. We also know that 12-24 hours can change conditions of any clay soil based race course quite drastically. Much like commuting to work on dangerous ice and snow covered streets and highways on a Monday, can actually be dry and perfectly safe come Wednesday based on the weather just 24-48 hours later. So too can our singletrack in Iowa go from being dangerous, slick and muddy on one day, to quite nice in the span of a day or two.

For this reason, I urge everyone to have patience and wait for the final call regarding any of our events in the IMBCS. A little work on a few problem spots, some warm weather with wind, and a few practice laps ridden on the tread when conditions warrant can suddenly change the tread from a condition of being not very desirable to being totally desirable.

Announcements will be made here, and on Facebook come Saturday late afternoon/evening to Sunday morning with regard to Sunday’s event. Until then, plan on the race taking place as scheduled. This will hold true throughout the entire season.