Mid-Season Points Update

Half-way through the season, five races to go how are the points stacking up? Lets take a look and see where we stand.

Marathon: We have a tight race in the Men’s division, the top 4 places are separated by only 41 points. Current leader Jason Scholbrock is leading Mark Child by 27 points and TJ Fort is holding of Eric Roccasecca for 3rd by a single point! With only Ingawanis and The Mullet left who is going to come out on top? In the Women’s division we have a tight race for first, 34 points separating Joann Schmidt from Katherine Roccasecca (did I spell that right?), can Katherine take the win? Are the Roccaseccas in it for the long haul, can they tie the knot and put a ring on the first married series champions?

CAT1 Under 29 Women: Liz Van Houweling is going to be our CAT 1 29&Under Women’s champion as long as she races one more race, how soon until she wraps it up?

CAT1 30+ Women: It’s a bit closer with Emily Robnett holding off Karmen Woelber by a fair margin but with 5 races to go it’s still up in the air.

CAT1 Men 30-39: Mike Maney holds a 95 point lead over Nick Eckerman who upgraded after winning CAT2 last year, way to go Nick keeping the heat on Maney! 2nd place isn’t guaranteed for Nick though as he’s in a close race with Nate Kulbom and Aaron Robnett, only 79 points between the three of them! Everyone needs to watch out for Brad Auen though, if he races he wins, will Brad make a challenge for the series?

CAT1 Men 40-49: Andy Peterson has a commanding lead and with one more race will seal the championship if someone doesn’t step up to challenge!

COMP 39 & Under: Scott Shelman and Michael Vittetoe are trading blows with Scott on top so far and 93 points ahead. Can Vitt channel that ‘Farmer Strong’ and take Scott down?

COMP 40+: We have a close 3 way tie for 1st between John Peters, Darvish Shadravan, and IMBCS Series Director Bruce Brown. With only 50 points between these three I’m going to bet this will come down to the wire! The wild card here is Michael Colleran, so far if he races he wins, down one race to the other three will Colleran mount a charge and go for the win?

CAT2 Women 30+: Lauren Wolfe and Jacqueline (Lagada) Maney are in a close heat, Lauren is only 14 points ahead for first. Third place racer Carrie Topp is further back but I’ve been told she’s planning to compete in most of the remaining races so things could heat up quick!

CAT2 Men: Based on partial points we can make a few guesses. Kyle Cambell in the 19-29 division is leading handily, someone needs to step up and challenge him. Dave Roll has almost 100 points over Brett Beebe for 30-39, who will win? Jim Hiatt and Derek Brewer are neck and neck in 40-49, both need one more race to qualify for the series win but that shouldn’t be a problem. In the 50-59 group Brian Swain is narrowly holding off Sterling ‘Hugs’ Heise for the lead, however both still need to compete two more times to qualify.

CAT3 Women: Rose Ayers needs one more race to qualify for the series championship and she has a commanding lead over second place Sarah Barber. However when Sarah races she wins so things could change fast!

CAT3 Men: Colby Brommel (19-29) and Ryan Wilkins (30-39) both need 2 more races to qualify for the series championship, don’t miss out on the prize guys — get to a couple more races!

Juniors: No junior has enough races yes, the closest need at least 3 more races to qualify. Remember all racers under 18 race for free so get to the trails and take that win!

Good job to everyone that’s come out to race so far this year, the Mullet is coming up soon so keep on pushing for the win!

Don’t forget there’s Oskar Blues after every race and World of Wheels cash up for grabs so here’s to podium beers and cash prizes! OBOvalWoWHeader