Please take the IMBCS survey for our 2016 season…

At the end of the 2014 IMBCS season, we conducted a 10 question survey for participants which helped guide us in making decisions and changes for the 2015 season. That survey is here with the responses. I made a post about it and answered some of the questions raised here (State Championship, chip timing system costs, and a bit about the free entry costs).

Once again, we are conducting a 10 question survey as our new 2016 Advisory Board gets ready to meet for our annual meeting to discuss next season. We ask that all participants who attended an IMBCS event this year take the survey to give the Advisory Board some direction, ideas, and to listen to your concerns if you have any. We are happy to hear any positive or negative feedback. The survey is only 10 questions long due to a premium membership at Survey Monkey required to ask more than 10 questions. As you guessed, that’s money IMBCS does not have.

Take the time in question box number 10 to provide ideas, suggestions, concerns about IMBCS that are constructive and will help us plan for next year. We took it seriously last year and will do so this year.

Here’s the survey link.

Thank you in advance.