Race Director Spotlight: Dave Roll


Name: Dave Roll

Current Home:  Waterloo, IA

Age: 37

Employer: John Deere & Company

Racing Category for 2016: Cat 2

Race Bike(s): Salsa Spearfish RS-1

Bike Team: Rasmussen Bike Shop

Trail Organization Associated with Race: Currently being structured


BB: When is your upcoming race, Ingawanis Woodland Shredfest?

Dave: Saturday, June 11th


BB: What can we expect for the type of trail features a racer will encounter on the race course?

Dave: Ingawanis is a fun, punchy, flowing trail system. Bremer County Conservation is in the process of procuring from the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation. The trails were a large reason to preserve this woodland. How many places in Iowa outside of a flood plain can you be under a continuous canopy? Ingawanis is one of them.


BB: How many times have you served as a race director for an IMBCS event?

Dave: This is my first year as director. I just use a lot of people as mentors, I could list off at least 30 names.


BB: How did you become the race director for this event?

Dave: I looked at Mike Maney and said, “We need to bring it back, it has been too long.” So I raised my hand and worked with the county to do this.


BB: What are some of the challenges you faced in getting this event ready?

Dave: Re-establishing a great race venue is easy. But trying to do a race without a club or existing structure other than yourself, has forced the entire state of Iowa to work together. I got three Bike Shops supporting this, I have a great relationship with Bremer County Conservation. Challenges, there may be a few, but when you work with others, they diminish fast if you give people a chance to perform.


BB: Who are your volunteers and trail crew?

Dave: I say this sarcastically, but we are the Bad News Bears, I literally do not think I have personally met half my volunteers. I am taking all people that want to help, be positive, stay positive, and others will come along. I do have a few big hitter names like Keith Reynolds and Mike Johnson volunteering day of.


BB: Why hold an organized race on your trails?

Dave: It is the best course in Iowa, it would be a shame to keep her dormant. Great course for the beginner, to the right mix for a Pro from Nebraska to race. I think this course favors everyone, regardless of skill and ability.


BB: When it is all said and done after the event is over, do you feel a great deal of satisfaction for giving back to the cycling community by hosting a race?

Dave: I will just want a beer and a campfire that night. Then reset and get to Beverly and race hard again. This is not about giving back, this is about doing our part. I appreciate Race Directors more and more with each passing month. Rasmussen Bike Shop really wants each of their riders to be engaged in the community of cycling. I have many facets I am engaged in, but so far this one is the best. I do not think I am giving back, but the local community has given to me. From Kathleen Porter helping out with necessary race supplies, to the sponsors Europa, Bike Tech, Scott Bradfield State Farm, Doughy Joey’s, Sidecar Coffee, Rasmussen Bike Shop, I think it is more of them saying “WE SUPPORT MOUNTAIN BIKING.”


BB: We may have a lot of new racers in Iowa this year. Is there any advice you could provide to them to get them to come out this weekend and try your event?

Dave: Smile and stay positive.


BB: In the event of weather looking suspect this weekend, where should racers turn for the most up to date announcements?

Dave: Stay positive Bruce, the forecast is 100% fabulous, and we have hero dirt.

Thanks, Dave!

63 racers took advantage of the discounted online registration before it closed on Thursday evening. Not to worry, day of race registration will be available for everyone else. As Dave stated, the entire course is under canopy which should help to keep racing temperatures cooler. In spite of this, we felt it was prescient to move some of the races originally scheduled for later in the day up to the morning to take advantage of the cooler temperatures and the high heat index that is forecast for Saturday.

The altered start times —thanks to Ma Nature throwing an early June heat wave at us—are as follows…

7:45 Trail Run

9:00 Marathon

9:08 Cat 2

9:15 Cat 3

9:20 Juniors

11:00 Cat 1

11:05 Comp

Look for Dave at the Ingawanis race tomorrow and give him a shout out of thanks for bringing this venue back to IMBCS. Thank his crew and above all—have fun!