Race Results for IMBCS Illiniwek Abermination…

We had 187 racers line up on their mountain bikes for the opening race of the 2015 IMBCS season. That’s 37 more racers than last year’s Illiniwek Abermination, or 25% growth year over year!


Race Results are HERE.


As good as that turnout was, I know we can do better with all the potential racers out there in Iowa. I’d like to see us cross over the 200 participant level at our premiere events. If you are still on the fence, or if you know somebody who is thinking about racing and needs encouragement to give it a try – the open invite is on the table. Grab your bike and come join us for the next race on May 3rd at Beverly Park in Cedar Rapids.


That being said, how about a sincere thanks to all those who did come out and race in our IMBCS opening event? A huge thanks goes to Race Director Michael Vittetoe, his FORC group of volunteers, and PAMBA who combined their forces to make it all happen. Without our Race Directors and the organizations that stand behind them, we have no series. Join me in the praise and thanks for those who give back to the cycling community in Iowa to keep our mountain biking alive by organizing and providing competitive mountain biking events for all Iowans to enjoy.


Here’s one race report from Emily Robnett about her experience of the Illiniwek Abermination. It’s worth the read. Not to mention, we will be hearing from Emily in a future Spotlight as well.

Photographs courtesy of Eric Roccasecca