Series Information

Points are updated after each race so you can see exactly where you stack up against the competition. The guidelines spell out the number of races needed to qualify, how points are awarded, and requirements for helmets, earbuds, passing, etc.




Director – Bruce Brown

Series Points Coordinator – Rob Cook

Advisory Board – Tom Anderson, Kevin Betters, RickBlackford, Rob Cook, Cheryl Dralle, TJ Fort, Katherine Roccasecca, Kyle Sedore

As in years past, the IMBCS series guidelines will, for the most part, be in accordance with the current USA Cycling Rulebook ( for mountain bike racing with the following exceptions:

Awards for the series overalls will consist of free entry into all of the 2015 IMBCS races for all men’s, women’s, junior boy’s and junior girl’s categories. Series awards will be announced at the conclusion of the last series race.  In order for a racer to qualify for a series overall award, the participant must compete in a minimum of four IMBCS races. If you participate in four events and you happen to DNF in one or more of them, you will still qualify for a series overall award at the end of the season.

There will be a total of seven IMBCS races for the 2014 season.

IMBCS #1 – May 4 – Seven Oaks, Boone, IA
IMBCS #2 – June 8 – Illiniwek, Hampton, IL
IMBCS #3 – July 13 – Sunderbruch, Davenport, IA
IMBCS #4 – August 17 – George Wyth, Cedar Falls, IA
IMBCS #5 – September 14 (rescheduled date) – Sugarbottom, Iowa City, IA
IMBCS #6 – September 20 – Summerset State Park, Indianola, IA
IMBCS #7 – October 5 – Lake Ahquabi State Park, Indianola, IA

A participant’s five best scores will count towards their series overall score. If you choose to do more than five races, you will receive ten additional points for each race beyond five that you do for a maximum of 20 additional points.


The IMBCS will use the following structure for categorizing racers:


• Elite– Pro and Category 1 racers, for men and women. (Winning Finish Time Target: 2 Hours)

• Comp– For those that feel they fall somewhere between a Category 1 and Category 2. This class is one category only, all participants will be scored together regardless of age or gender. (Winning Finish Time Target:  90 Minutes)

• Category 2 – Sport racers for men and women. (Winning Finish Time Target:  60 Minutes)

• Category 3 – Beginner racers for men and women. (Winning Finish Time Target:  30-40 Minutes)

• Juniors – 18 and under for boys and girls. (Winning Finish Time Target:  30-40 Minutes)

Please note, that following the 2014 season all category winners, with the exception of Category 1, will be encouraged to upgrade to the next highest category.

If a category winner chooses not to upgrade then they will not be eligible for free entry the following season and the free entry will be awarded to the next eligible participant within that category. The purpose behind this rule change is to encourage competition and fairness within each class structure.

Also note that there is no singlespeed class, however singlespeeders are welcomed and encouraged to compete in whichever category best suits their abilities.  Those competing on singlespeed bikes will be scored in whichever category they choose to compete, in other words, if a singlespeed competitor competes in the Comp class, they will be scored as a Comp competitor.

Age groups within each category will be as follows:


• Elite Men


• 19 – 29, 30 – 39, 40 – 49, and 50+

•The 2014 guideline for cash payouts will be such that the top five overall finishers, regardless of your age, will receive cash payouts. The top finishers in each age group will receive prizes. Cash payouts and prizes will be determined by each race director.

• Elite Women


• Open – for Pro and Category 1 women of all ages.

• Comp


• Open – primarily for men, however women are welcome to participate.  This class is one category only, so any women participants will be scored with the men.

• Category 2 Men


• 19 – 29, 30 – 39, 40 – 49, and 50+


• Category 2 Women


• Open – open to all Category 2 women of all ages.

• Category 3 Men


• Open – open to all ages

• Category 3 Women


• Open – open to all ages


• Juniors 18 and under (race with Category 3)


• Boys – open to all boys 18 years of age and younger

• Girls – open to all girls 18 years of age and younger

Series scoring will be on a weighted scoring system based on the number of participants in each age category, within each class. Points will be scored as follows:

For each age category within each class with 10 or fewer participants:


• 1st place- 200

• 2nd place – 185

• 3rd place – 175

• 4th place – 165

• 5th place – 155

• 6th place – 150

• 7th place – 145

• 8th place – 140

• 9th place – 135

• 10th place – 130

For each age category within each class with 11-20 participants:


• 1st place – 225

• 2nd place – 210

• 3rd place – 200

• 4th place – 190

• 5th place – 180

• 6th place – 175

• 7th place – 170

• 8th place – 165

• 9th place – 160

• 10th place – 155

• 11th place – 150

• 12th place – 145

• 13th place – 140

• 14th place – 135

• 15th place – 130

• 16th place – 125

• 17th place – 120

• 18th place – 115

• 19th place – 110

• 20th place – 105

For each age category within each class with 21 or more participants:


• 1st place – 250

• 2nd place – 235

• 3rd place – 225

• 4th place – 215

• 5th place – 205

• 6th place – 200

• 7th place – 195

• 8th place – 190

• 9th place – 185

• 10th place – 180

• 11th place – 175

• 12th place – 170

• 13th place – 165

• 14th place – 160

• 15th place – 155

• 16th place – 150

• 17th place – 145

• 18th place – 140

• 19th place – 135

• 20thplace – 130

• 21st place – 127

• 22nd place – 124

• 23rd place – 121

• 24th place – 118

• 25th place – 115

• 26th place – 112

• 27th place – 109

• 28th place – 106

• 29th place – 103

• 30th place – 100

• 31st place – 97

• 32nd place – 94

• 33rd place – 91

• 34th place – 88

• 35th place – 85

• 36th place – 82

• 37th place – 79

• 38th place – 76

• 39th place – 73

• 40th place – 70

A DNF will receive 50 points regardless of the number participants in each category.




IMBCS Event Directors are responsible for the following:


1. Insurance for the event.

2. Entry and release forms for the event.

3. Personnel (officials, scorers, medical, etc.)

4. Awards for the event.

5. Submission of results to IMBCS personnel.

The IMBCS strongly recommends that race directors keep the winning finishing times as follows:  the CAT 3 races at 30-40 minutes; CAT 2 classes will race at 60-70 minutes; COMP at 90 minutes; CAT 1 at 120 minutes.  This helps standardize the race experience and allows racers to choose a fairly level competitive field from which Category they will race in for the season.


All IMBCS events are subject to inclement weather that could delay the race, postpone the race to another date, cancellation of a race, or require an alternate race loop from the original plan.  Updates on race conditions will be provided on the IMBCS Facebook page and the Yahoo Groups page as soon as they are made available.  Promoters reserve the right to alter start times, combine groups, alter the course length, reschedule, and cancel events.

In the case of extreme conditions due to weather or other circumstances that prevent the ongoing scoring of the event or create a racing environment that is deemed dangerous for participants, the race may be called off as of a certain time.  We will calculate the final results in one of two ways (as determined by the race official and racedirector): 1) The race is considered over at the point it was called off, and the results will be as of the last completed lap. -OR- 2) The riders can finish their current lap after the race is called off, and the results will be as of that lap.  In the case that the race is stopped and restarted, we will use the combined results of both parts of the race.


Helmets and shifts must be worn at all times while on a bike for the IMBCS races. This includes your warm up, cool down, and riding in the parking lots around the events.


You cannot use personal listening devices during the race.


Litter will not be tolerated.  Leave No Trace and do not drop your trash onto the trail (GU wrappers, Gel packs, etc….).   Failure to comply will lead to a disqualification.


Unsportsmanlike behavior, foul riding, use of profanity, or flagrant discourtesy directed at participants, spectators, or officials will result in disqualification.


You must ride the entire course.  Cheating and cutting any section of the course is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification.


A participant on his or her bicycle has the right-of-way over a participant pushing his or her bicycle during a race.  Lapped participants and those being overtaken by approaching riders shall yield the trail (fastest part of the trail) when asked by another rider.  It is the responsibility of the approaching racer to make their presence known, to announce their intention to pass by saying “Rider up” or “On your left,” and to pass safely.

In the event two riders are vying for position, the leading rider does not have to yield to the challenging rider.  However, the rider must hold the line and may not interfere with another rider’s progress.

DNF (Did Not Finish)

If you have to DNF, you must report it to the race timer so that you can be given credit in the standings for the race.  If you do DNF, do not cross the finish line.


You must make any bike repairs during the race by yourself.  You cannot accept help or tools from other racers, and you cannot accept parts from anyone else’s bike.

Your bike must be in good working condition and be free from hazardous attachments (such as kickstands, unplugged handle bar ends, and so on).

You must ride the same bike you start with throughout the race.


All protests must be reported to a race official immediately following the race up to 15 minutes after the complete results are posted for the protest to be considered valid.  All results become final as of the presentation of awards.  We reserve the right to make later adjustments to the results and  standings due to registration or timing issues that cannot be resolved prior to the awards.


Moving up into a more advanced class is done on the honor system.  If you are significantly outpacing the competition in your class, you are encouraged to move up.  All IMBCS series winners from 2013, will receive free entry in the 2014 races provided they move up a category (with the excpetion of CAT I winners who do not have another category to uprade to, but will receive free entry).  Failure to upgrade will result in loss of free entry to all events (with the exception of CAT I).  The same will apply for the 2014 winners during the 2015 season.  We encourage racers to have fun while competing against racers at a similar competitive level.  When necessary, the IMBCS Advisory Board will review protests and encourage changes where needed.


All pets must be kept on leash and be under supervision at all times. Pets must be kept a safe distance from the racing course.  Some races may not allow pets.  Please check the individual race pages for any pet restrictions before bringing along your animal.