Hin und Zurück

IMBCS #7 Hin und Zurück TT
Center Trails
Des Moines, Iowa
Saturday, August 8, 2015

Race Directors: Rob Cook, Bruce Brown, Cheryl Dralle, and IMBCS Advisory Board

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Course Description

Hin und Zurück is German for “there and back.” That’s right. This IMBCS TT race will be on the Center Trails in the form of a time trial where everyone takes off one at a time in pre-determined intervals. Everyone will ride “Hin”—or over “there.” Once everyone has ridden “Hin”—or over “there”—they will ride “Zurück”— or back—from over “there” to where they started. The two combined times of “Hin und Zurück” (there and back) will be added together for one’s overall finishing time.

HinUndZuruckRoutePrelimThe Hin portion will be counterclockwise, and the Zurück portion will be clockwise. The exact Hillside (east side) routing is yet to be determined, but we have some nice options up there—be it different options for each direction of the laps. Two-way traffic on the paved trail section will have orange cones to separate the lanes.

Cat 1/Comp will do two laps of Hin for their first segment. Then they will restart and do two laps of Zurück. That’s a total of four laps.

Cat 2 Sport will do one lap in each direction.

Routing for Cat 3/Juniors will most likely exclude the paved trail/J-11 loop.

Kids Race is the oval loop around the boardwalk and what used to be a pond. They will do 2 laps of that oval loop.

Categories, Start Times, and Distances

Racers will be sent off one at a time with 30 seconds between each rider both for the “Hin” and for the “Zurück.”

Start Time Category Distance Payouts Entry Fee
10:00 a.m. Cat 3 and
6 miles Awards $22 Cat 3
$15 Juniors
11:15 a.m. Kids Race 2 laps around pond Awards Free
11:30 a.m. Cat 2 Sport 11 miles Awards $27
1:00 p.m. Cat 1 and
Cat 2 Comp
22 miles Awards (Comp)
Cash (Cat 1)
$32 Cat 1
$27 Comp

Race distances based on the route we currently believe we will be using due to the post-flood conditions. Be aware that weather and additional trail work in the weeks leading up to the race could see the routing and distances change and increase for each category.

Additional Information

  • Registration opens at 8:45 a.m. and continues until 30 minutes before each race begins.
  • Registration will be located next to the Greenwood Park Shelter #1.
  • For correct turn-by-turn directions, use this address: 100 Myron and Jacqueline Blank Parkway, Des Moines.
  • Parking will be available in the Greenwood Park/Rose Garden parking lot west of the Art Center on a first come, first serve basis. Additional parking is available in other areas of Greenwood Park at the Ashworth Pool area and on public streets in and around the park that allow parking.
  • Once the TT racing is complete, we will stick with the German theme by having grilled brats, beer, music, and all the trimmings at the Greenwood Park Shelter #1.
  • Des Moines Parks and Recreation Permits #3357 and #2585 cover the use of the shelter, the Bill Riley and Walnut Creek Trails, and singletrack for this event. The event is insured by McKay Insurance Silent Sports Division.
  • Race proceeds will be used to help launch the IMBCS Capital Campaign for the development of the series going forward and be used as a donation to Central Iowa Trails Association for trails and equipment.
  • Rain Date: August 9

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