Summerset Shootout

IMBCS #4 Summerset Shootout presented by Rasmussen Bike Shop*
Banner Lakes at Summerset State Park
Carlisle, Iowa
Saturday, June 10, 2017

*Marathon MTB category included

Race Director: Jason Dal, Rasmussen Bike Shop MTB Race Team

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by: Stacy Gibson
by: Stacy Gibson


Course Description

Back in the 1930s, the state park was home to one of Iowa’s largest strip mines. Over the past five-plus years, the Central Iowa Trail Association in cooperation with the Iowa DNR has transformed the abandoned strip mine into over five miles of narrow-tread, tight-and-twisty single track.

See the 2017 Strava segment of the course.

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Categories, Start Times, and Distances

10:00 a.m. Cross Country Marathon Men 4 hours $30 same day
$35 same day
10:00 a.m. Cross Country Marathon Women 4 hours $30 same day
10:05 a.m. Kids Race 1 Short Lap FREE
10:30 a.m. Cat 3 Novice 1 Modified Lap $20 online
$25 same day
10:30 a.m. Fat Bike 1 Modified Lap $20 online
$25 same day
10:35 a.m. Juniors 1 Modified Lap FREE
12:00 noon
12:03 p.m.
Cat 1 Men: 4 Laps
Women: 3 Laps
$30 online
$35 same day
12:06 p.m. Comp 3 Laps $25 online
$30 same day
12:09 p.m. Cat 2 Sport 2 Laps $25 online
$30 same day

Schedule subject to change. Classes may be combined and/or races shortened if conditions warrant.


Race News

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