Final Race this weekend!!!

Final Race this weekend!!!

IMBCS set a goal going into the season of reaching 1100 participant/entries for our 11 events in 2015. I thought that was a reasonable goal based on our historic numbers for previous seasons that had 10-11 events, but would also show some growth for our series. With our rescheduled upcoming event at Sunderbruch – which will complete our entire 2015 11 race series in spite of Ma Nature forcing us to get creative for many of our events – our numbers currently stand at 1028 through 10 events.

Michael Vittetoe and FORC have cooked up a great finale for our season this coming weekend in Davenport for the FORC Side Thrill Ride. If you have never ridden your mountain bike at Sunderbruch Park – this is one of Iowa’s best. A not to miss race course that many rank as their favorite in Iowa. People drive from out of state to ride this one it is so much fun. Super fun wooden berms, a wooden party deck, bridges, obstacles, climbs, descents – this course has it all and is an absolute blast to ride.
by Eric Roccasecca


by Eric Roccasecca

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FORC Side Thrill Ride Rained Out

Official word from FORC Side Thrill Ride race director, Michael Vittetoe:

RACE CANCELLED: The trails at Sunderbruch are saturated and won’t have a chance to dry out in time for the race tomorrow so we are going to cancel. We are working on a rain date and will announce it when/if possible.

Watch the FORC Side Thrill Ride race page for updates regarding rescheduling!

IMBCS Race Director Spotlight: Michael Vittetoe

We’ve got an exciting IMBCS scheduled race coming next weekend on Sunday, July 12th at Sunderbruch Park in Davenport!


You want images of the park and trails? Check it out! You want images of the race from last year? Check it out! And here as well.

Three IMBCS events are already in the bag for the 2015 season, and next weekend promises to be a THRILLING weekend of racing!!! Check out footage of racing the FORC Side Thrill Ride at Sunderbruch Park from last year by our very own IMBCS Points Coordinator and Advisory Board Member Mr. Rob Cook…

Yes, it is time to load up the cars/SUVs/vans/18 wheelers and drive to Davenport in the Quad Cities to get your thrill on and feed your dirt fix. Sweet Iowa Singletrack! Wooden berms! Wooden Bridges! A Party Deck! Groomed and ready to race trails! Food Vendor! Unique Custom Award Medals! Cash Payouts for CAT I Men and Women! Series leader call ups at the starting line!

Who could resist?

Bring a friend. Bring a spouse. Bring a kid. Bring a colleague. Pre-Riding will be available on Saturday with the course being run in a counter-clockwise direction just like last year. Course maps for the Junior/CAT III and the CAT I/COMP/CAT II race courses are available here.

CAT III and Juniors launch at 9 am

CAT II Sport fires up at 10:45 am

CAT I and COMP blasts off at 1 pm

Pre-register here to save $5. This is one of our USA Cycling sanctioned events, so a license is required (day license or annual for everyone below CAT I Level – an annual is required for all CAT I’s).


We continue with our feature series of Spotlights here at highlighting some of our many IMBCS participants throughout the state of Iowa. You can get to know some of those involved in racing and see how they do it, why they do it, what got them started, and read some of their thoughts. We will continue this feature throughout the season. Spotlights continues to provide a nice representation of ages, categories, and locations to introduce you to people you may or may not already know so you can read their thoughts about racing mountain bikes. Are you considering racing in an IMBCS event this year? You don’t have to be a member of a team. You don’t have to have an expensive bike. You don’t have to have matching socks. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, a seasoned veteran, male, female, young, old – mountain biking in IMBCS events is open to everyone. We will show that in our Spotlight series and encourage you to sign up for a race and give IMBCS a try.

Today’s Spotlight feature is the third Spotlight featuring one of our race directors for the 2015 IMBCS season, Michael Vittetoe. I know you will find it interesting to hear from the perspectives of what makes IMBCS happen – our Race Directors – in these series of interviews. The job of being a race director is not an easy task. It deserves plenty of kudos, thanks, and respect for those who go out of their way to provide us with a venue, an event, and an IMBCS race. It’s mentally, physically, and emotionally taxing to add directing a race to one’s normal routine of family, friends, work, sleep, recreation, and riding bikes. If you want to know who the race director is when you arrive at one of our events, just look for the person with heavy bags under their eyes on race day. That will be the race director.

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