Iowa Games Race Report

This past Sunday, June 28th, we finally saw mountain bike racing happen again here in Iowa after a long stretch had passed since our last event on May 3rd. Contrary to the pun, that was an eight week drought of withdrawal for many racers due to Ma Nature!

Ma Nature did not disappoint this time around either as we had a morning shower before the race. However, not enough rain fell at Peterson Pits to derail plans for the event to take place. Part of this has to do with the particular trail system at Peterson Pits being a multi-use trail and the type of soil being able to withstand a lot of abuse. Our riding on it actually rode it into shape compared to many of the normal horse hoof prints that were there before the trail was marked.

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Race is on for IMBCS #5 Iowa Games!!!

Game Face Everyone – the race for Sunday is ON!
by Eric Roccasecca

IMBCS #5 – Iowa Games race at Peterson Pits. If you missed the early online registration dates, or were afraid of the weather so you didn’t register – not to worry. A reminder to all that onsite registration is available on Sunday for the IMBCS #5 race at Peterson Pits starting at 8 AM June 28th.

Peterson Pits is an ideal race course for all types of riders. It is a beginning racer friendly track (separate course for Beginners that the rest of the field), as well as leg burning full out racing for our experienced riders. Bring a friend. Bring a colleague. Bring a kid. Bring a spouse. Bring a date. Racing and fun for all on a course that everyone can ride without fear. Mud? No worries say our race director Kyle Sedore and his lovely assistant, Paul Varnum. 

Don’t believe me? Just ask Kyle…


Photo Courtesy of Janan Felts

A little mud can be fun. After all, this is mountain biking.

This is our first partnership event with Iowa Games (our online registration sponsor/provider). Come out and support Iowa Games, earn some IMBCS points, and get your game out on some dirt. Details can be found here for start times, categories, etc…

  • $35 on-site registration.
  • Directions: Proceed west off I-35, exit 113; north on Dayton Road; left on East Riverside Rd; right on Grand Ave. US Hwy 69; then east on 180th St. to Peterson Park.

Race Director Kyle Sedore wants YOU!