Season Marathon Opener: Sugar Cubed Race Recap

ICORR and Goosetown Racing, led by Race Director Mike Frasier, put together a wonderful opening marathon for mountain bike racers here in Iowa as part of the 2016 IMBCS Series at Sugar Bottom Recreation Area between North Liberty and Solon, Iowa.

What a great job they did for us to create a fantastic racing event! All of our thanks go to Mike, the volunteers, the sponsors, ICORR, and Goosetown for giving us Sugar Cubed!


This event had been in the planning for several years, with me badgering Mike to add the marathon as a category option and include it on the same day and at the same time as the well known Sugar Bottom Scramble. However, Mike kept saying that it would be difficult to come up with a workable solution on the same day or weekend. The format of using the entire trail system at Sugar Bottom, and holding the marathon event as a separate race earlier in the year before it became too hot was the final decision. This also provided the opportunity for IMBCS regulars who usually race in the shorter distance XC events a chance to try out a marathon.

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IMBCS Special Endurance Event: Sugar Cubed Marathon

Next up for IMBCS is coming next weekend on Sunday, May 22nd! It’s our special separate endurance marathon race at Sugar Bottom entitled Sugar Cubed. The race is also a part of our 2016 Five Race Marathon Series. Due to the reschedule of Beverly Fat Tire Frenzy to June 19th, Sugar Cubed will serve as our Marathon season opener.

Sugar Cubed provides an opportunity for everyone to give the marathon format a try as the regular XC races at Sugar Bottom will be a separate event in August. This allows everyone to give both a try! On top of that, you will pretty much get to see the entire Sugar Bottom Trail System during Sugar Cubed and ride it in the reverse direction of what is considered normal. Hey, that means you get to ride down Cyclocross Hill!!!! A full lap will measure 12 miles, so make sure to read the race nutrition article from our sponsor Zoom Performance written by one of Zoom’s coaches, Liz Van Houweling.

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