IMBCS #6: FORC Side Thrill Ride Race Recap!

A huge shout out and thanks to Race Director Mike Corbin and F.O.R.C. for hosting an excellent FORC Side Thrill Ride yesterday at Sunderbruch Park in Davenport.


We had over 120 racers toe the line for the big races (not to mention all of the kids who took part in the 12:30 p.m. Kids Race) on what started out as a beautiful, July summer morning. The trails were in perfect shape and super fun as usual on this wonderful Sunderbruch system. The wooden berms, party deck, and jump at the end of the lap had spectators cheering, taking pictures, and enjoying the racing. We even had fireworks at the top of the opening climb (my left ear is still ringing) as racers crested the climb. It was a fun day for sure.

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FORC Side Thrill Ride Today: Perfect Conditions!!!

Title Sponsor – World of Wheels – has $500 cash up for winning today. Sponsor Oskar Blues Brewery has 6 cases of beer chilled and loaded to quench your post race thirst. Even Ma Nature is playing nice today. Race Director Mike Corbin and the entire FORC team have things locked and loaded for a great day of racing. It’s Sunday, July 10th – and the trails are dry, trimmed, and groomed.

It’s time to find your game face and head to the race!!!!

Details are HERE and HERE.