Thank you IMBCS Advisory Board…!

Can you all tell that I am trying to wrap up the 2015 season with my posts?

I wanted to thank the following collective group of people who provided their community service as Advisory Board Members for the 2015 IMBCS Season:

Board Members

Advisory Board: Tom Anderson, Kevin Betters, Rick Blackford, Rob Cook, Cheryl Dralle, TJ Fort, Katherine Roccasecca, Kyle Sedore
Series Points Coordinator: Rob Cook
Website Coordinators: Katherine Roccasecca & Eric Roccasecca

Please join me me in thanking them all for their hard work. We dealt with the much needed gender equity cash payout change, some age class changes for women, COMP & JUNIOR categories, expanded the series to be more inclusive for all Iowans, hosted a race at Center Trails on August 8th, had many email discussions/conversations and combined our collective thoughts to make decisions as we moved from the 2014 season into the 2015 season. Everyone contributed, advised, and provided me with good support that served this past year. I thank them all and hope you join me in thanking them for their service.

I would personally like to thank Rob Cook, Katherine Roccasecca, and Eric Roccasecca for their excellent contributions that went beyond the Advisory Board duties. IMBCS has now moved beyond the point where one volunteer person can do it all. It now takes a collective team – and they were my “team” for 2015. Ask any of them, and they will all confirm that when I want something done – I usually don’t mean today or tomorrow – I mean “yesterday”. And of course, we all have jobs and lives outside of biking, so I owe them my gratitude for taking on duties that added to all IMBCS participants’ experience.


Katherine on “the hill” at The Mullet Fall Classic courtesy of Eric Roccaseca

Katherine and Eric volunteered to develop a website for IMBCS at last year’s Mullet Fall Classic. Eric dove head first into Word Press, Katherine attempted to teach me a few things about the website, updated news and content and I cannot thank both of them enough for providing the web presence that IMBCS has now become. Eric’s work as our official IMBCS photographer led to thousands of wonderful shots that he does on a volunteer basis and it is so great to see and enjoy his wonderful work. Katherine linked photo albums from other photographers and provided links to results and registration for each individual event. Thank you both for who you are and what you do!


Eric “the baconator” fueling up

Rob missed several of his old movie nights out with his wife at the Fleur thanks to my demands. He volunteered to take on the points coordination again this season, filled in for me as I was working and living in Germany the first half of this year and went with me to meet some of our partners/sponsors for the 2015 season. He picked up and hand delivered our printed schedules, arranged for our web hosting, helped me with the IMBCS banners at events, and was always there when I had an idea to bounce off of him. Rob established IMBCS as an official registered LLC in Iowa with a bank account to get us off the ground and running for our 13th season. Thank you Rob for all of your hard work and always responding to my messages. I owe you a few buckets of popcorn and some movie time.


Rob is still smiling…

Our 2016 Team will soon be announced and moving forward for our 14th season. In the meantime, please join me in thanking the 2015 Team/Advisory Board.