USACycling_LogoA USAC Annual License is recommended ($70 for ADULT, $35 for JUNIOR), but not needed for COMP, CAT II, CAT III, JUNIOR as one day license will be available for purchase (and in most cases we will mitigate that $10 cost down to $5). CAT I will require an annual license, however a CAT I is allowed to purchase a 1 day license for their first event ($25), and will have the option to apply that fee to an annual if they decide to race again later in the season. This includes former CAT I racers who have not raced in a season or two and are interested in giving it a try again without having to commit to the full annual license. The good news about an annual license for any category is that it covers the other racing disciplines that many racers participate in here in Iowa – Road Racing & Cyclocross. Again, it is not needed if you only plan on doing a few races for the lower categories. The price drop from the previous $15 one day license fee to $10 – with our ability to get it down to $5 as we work with USAC and the Race Directors – will help out those who just want to give a few races a try. You can buy or renew your very own USA Cycling Annual License right HERE.